Employees analyse results of the employee survey

Powerful features to empower employees

With its multiple functions, Pulse makes it easy for colleagues, managers and directors to acquire feedback and to make improvements.

Give feedback playfully

The survey is simple and appealingly designed. Strong emphasis and plenty of space is given to comments, as written feedback is more meaningful than numbers. Because of the two comment fields feedback becomes constructive and practical.

Screenshot of the Pulse user interface with the Pulse question display

Identify engagement barriers

The most important engagement drivers and barriers can be identified with the “Pulse Question”, which we developed specifically for this purpose. For this question we provide a benchmark for Switzerland. A scientifically developed catalogue of questions to measure the most important engagement drivers is also included.

View the results in real-time

All participants can view the results in real-time for all teams, departments and business units as well as for the entire company. Ratings are displayed in the form of team scores.

Identify underlying causes easily

Formulated feedback is the most valuable method to identify causes. Therefore, the comments are visible to everyone in the organization. For team members they are displayed with name and picture, for all others in anonymous form.

Analyse thousands of comments in seconds

Comments are the most valuable form of feedback in Pulse. But analyzing thousands of them is not practicable. With our new text analysis feature you can easily find out what people are talking about.

Compare team scores side by side

Different teams may be facing more or less challenges while doing their job. You can now easily find out which teams do well and which are facing hurdles. The new comparison feature lets you directly display the scores of several teams side by side.

Track your progress over time

Measure, learn, improve. Find out how effective your improvements are by tracking the results of your team over time.

Flexibly create teams

More and more companies work with new forms of organisation – yet project teams, squads, tribes or circles are often not adequately reflected in the organisational structure. That’s why we have added a feature that lets you easily create custom teams.

And many more features that make working with Pulse easy, flexible and secure

Icon Tap Lock

Log in with your company password

Easy and secure access to Pulse with Single Sign-On (SSO).

Icon E-Mail at Sign

Automatically invite participants

Send invitation, reminder and result e-mails with one click.

Icon Pencil Write

Create your own questions

React flexibly to the current situation by creating your own questions.

Icon Circle People

Assign questions to individual teams

Display individual questions or entire surveys just for specific teams.

Icon Compatible Devices

Flexibly switch between devices

Start on the PC, finish on your phone: Pulse saves your entries on any device.

Icon File PDF

Export results

Save results as PDF or print to analyse and discuss offline.