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Bring corporate strategy to life, anchor it sustainably

Defining a sustainable and forward-looking corporate strategy is demanding, but implementing it in practice is sometimes even a greater challenge. As the person responsible for the strategy or its communication and implementation in the company, you can ensure that the vision, mission and strategic directions (e.g., "Customer is king", "Focus on artificial intelligence") aren't simply understood by the employees, but are also lived out every day. With Pulse Feedback, everyone in the company regularly discusses how they can implement the strategy in their team and what they can contribute to the company’s goals.

With Pulse Feedback you can ...

  • Ensure that the vision, mission and strategic directions are understood and lived
  • Encourage teams to regularly reflect on how they can translate the corporate strategy into daily business
  • Give weight to strategic priorities

How does it work?

Strategic topics can be anchored in the company sustainably by asking specific questions on these topics at regular intervals to employees throughout the company or in the relevant departments. In this way, these topics are continuously reflected upon by the employees and remain current and present in everyone's mind.

Pulse Feedback comes with a catalogue of questions with central topics that are relevant to many companies. The questions contained in it or your questions can be embedded in existing surveys or surveys created specifically for the topic. It's important that the surveys be carried out with all the affected employees, as the question aren't only intended to measure but, above all, to stimulate an in-depth discussion within the teams.

Discover the Pulse Feedback method

How localsearch uses Pulse Feedback to continuously define and shape the team's contribution to the corporate vision

Localsearch is a merger of the information service local.ch and the Swiss search engine search.ch. This merger and the associated reorientation of the company brought about some fundamental changes.

Pulse Feedback is used to continuously measure the progress of the company on the way to implementing the new vision. This allows management to regularly check where the company currently stands. At the same time, Pulse Feedback is used several times a year to give teams an impulse to look at the vision and strategy and define their specific contribution to it.

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Portrait Gabriela Schenker

You can really gauge the pulse of the company. Thanks to the Pulse survey, the teams reflect on themselves three times a year and identify any smouldering conflicts but also innovative ideas, which is highly beneficial to the company. I don’t think a classic employee survey can achieve that.

Portrait Gabriela Schenker

Gabriela Schenker

HR Development Partner — localsearch