Our philosophy

We’re on a mission

Our aim is to enable everyone in the company to become the best version of themselves and to find excitement in their job.

Feedback makes us better

Feedback is a powerful tool to learn and grow — and a powerful driver of high performance.

Feedback needs a safe space

A trusting environment is key for employees to feel safe to address difficult issues and challenge the status quo.

Feedback needs an appropriate setting

It needs to be clear when feedback is expected in the company, to whom it's given, on which topics and in which form.

Giving feedback constructively is a skill

Giving feedback constructively and receiving feedback appropriately is challenging — but can be learned!

Our story

What if there was an employee survey that actually worked?

It all started in 2015 when we worked at a large company. Our employee survey was broken. So we asked ourselves: could the employee survey be reinvented?

We wanted to create a fast and simple solution that enabled everyone in the company to not only share their feedback with the company and their co-workers but also to improve their collaboration and working environment based on the survey results. Our ultimate goal: make it easier for everyone in the company to do a good job.

Since then, Pulse Feedback has evolved into a comprehensive solution enabling companies, teams, as well as leaders and employees to give feedback, learn from the feedback and improve. And further exciting developments are already on the horizon!

Learn more about our story and about why we think employee surveys shouldn't be on Santa's wish list in our article "Why we got rid of Santa".

Our core principles

We learn from science

When dealing with people, a research-based approach is important to maximise impact and to minimise harm.

We're human-centred

We develop our approaches with our users to make them as powerful, intuitive and fun as possible.

We give responsibility

We enable people to learn and grow by granting autonomy and giving responsibility for personal and team development.

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