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How does a survey with Team Feedback work?

With Team Feedback, you make noticeable improvements step by step. By working with the results in small teams with a focus on constructive feedback, it is possible to transition from a simple survey to solution-oriented work.

1Receive survey

The participants are invited by e-mail containing a link that takes them directly to the survey. There the procedure is briefly explained and outlines who will see the feedback. Team Feedback runs on all end-devices and all common browsers. And for any latecomers, a reminder e-mail can be configured.

Other forms of invitation are also possible: whether intranet communication, WhatsApp group or by a flyer. Thanks to the connection to your company's login system (single sign-on)*, one link can be used for everyone. Automatically everyone gets to the right place.

*Single Sign-on can be set up quickly and easily on most standard login systems if desired. Please note that there is a charge for the setup.

Pulse employees analyse the results of the employee survey with constructive feedback
Pulse employees give constructive feedback on the employee survey

2Giving feedback

Triggered by a specific selection of statements, the participants reflect on their current work situation. They rate these statements on a scale of 1 (disagree) to 10 (agree). As needed, the reasons for the evaluation can be expressed in the two comment fields: what is going well (“I like that”) or where is there room for improvement (“I wish that”)?

Team Feedback is based on psychological principles. Through various aspects such as the openness of the results across the team, the separation into positive and critical feedback as well as the dynamic questions in the text fields, it is very easy for the participants to give constructive feedback.

3View results

With Team Feedback, the results can be viewed immediately after the survey is sent and in real-time. This often results in aha-experiences such as “My opinion is shared by others” or “I didn't know this was an issue for others”.

With Team Feedback, many topics come to the surface that is otherwise overlooked; even in teams that work closely together and communicate well. Feedback – especially when it comes to general cooperation and working environment – needs a framework to be created and processed. With Team Feedback, this framework is created.

Pulse employee looks at results of employee survey
Pulse employees discuss the results of the employee survey with constructive feedback

4Discuss results in the team

The most crucial step in a team survey is to discuss the feedback within the teams at all levels of the hierarchy. In this way, the teams choose the improvements to put into practice that they feel will make the most difference. We provide tips and materials for structuring the discussion of results.

Team Feedback follows a “bottom-up” approach. The results are discussed in the team, and necessary improvements are recorded: “What do we want to change? What can we tackle as a team? What not?”. Overarching problems are passed upwards or to those responsible for the relevant topics.

5Implement improvements

With Team Feedback, everyone in the company implements improvements. Everyone is given the responsibility to create a positive working environment. Based on the discussion of the results in the team: "How do we proceed? What do we need? Who can help us?" Support is available, for example, from superiors, HR or people working on the relevant topics (e.g. tools, processes, health).

Thanks to the bottom-up approach, topics work their way from level to level across the company. Only the most essential overarching issues reach top management, and usually with very concrete cause analyses and suggested measures.

Staff member moderates the discussion of the results of the staff survey