Produktentwicklung Pulse

Who we are and what we believe in

We are a team of psychologists, UX designers, product managers and software developers that share a fundamental belief: Feedback makes us better.

What we believe

• Everyone wants to do a good job.
• Feedback is a requirement for continuous improvement.
• Feedback needs a framework: it must be made clear when, to whom, and about what one is giving feedback.
• To have an impact, feedback must be constructive.


Why we invented Pulse

Feedback has always played an important role in our private and professional lives. It continuously helps us to learn and grow. But feedback does not always arise automatically in all places. It requires a framework (when do I give feedback, and to whom?) and certain skills (how do I give and receive feedback?). We created Pulse to set up that framework and help people become competent givers and receivers of feedback.

Where we work

The feedback tools were developed while working for the Swiss telecommunications company Swisscom – each of them out of a practical need. Thanks to their success and for them to benefit other companies, these tools have now found a new home at Creaholic.

Creaholic is an innovation factory founded in 1986 by the inventor of the Swatch Elmar Mock. We support companies from all industries in becoming innovative. We invent new products and technologies, enable our customers to establish a corporate culture of innovation and help them discover new business opportunities. Curious? Click here for the Creaholic website.