Checklist for your employee survey

In our checklist for the employee survey, we have compiled all the important points so that nothing is forgotten during the planning, implementation and discussion of the results.

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Whitepaper cover. On the right is a woman with orange hair and a green jacket. She is standing at a white flipchart. On the left is the text
Whitepaper cover formulating effective questions

Guide to formulate effective questions

Our guide gives you valuable tips on how to quickly and easily formulate effective questions for your employee survey.

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Pulse Covid-19 questionnaire

With our Covid-19 questionnaire, you can quickly and easily conduct a survey on the current situation.

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Preview of the Corona Questionnaire
Whitepaper Cover Transformatiion Questionnaire

Transformation questionnaire

With our free transformation questionnaire you can accompany small and large changes in a targeted way and continuously guide employees through the ups and downs of the change process.

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Quicktest customer centricity

The first step towards more customer centricity is to find out how the topic is perceived and practised by employees. Get started today with our free quicktest.

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Whitepaper Cover Quick Test Customer Orientation
Whitepaper cover 7 tips for giving valuable feedback

Guide to giving feedback

Giving good and constructive feedback is important but not always easy. With our 7 tips you will quickly know how to give valuable feedback. Find out what is important when giving feedback and which rules you have to follow.

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