Anchoring changes in the company sustainably

With Pulse Feedback, the award-winning employee survey for your change management, you can accompany both small and large changes in a targeted manner and skillfully guide employees through the ups and downs of the change process.

Change in the company is the new constant in everyday working life

A company is constantly on the move. Reorganizations, management changes or even extraordinary situations such as mergers and acquisitions, economic crises or epidemics mean that companies have to transform themselves and “business as usual” is a rarity.

Pulse Feedback enables companies to accompany these change processes and actively involve employees in the company transformation. Thanks to a sophisticated, reflective employee survey, change management becomes more approachable. Let employees actively shape the company transformation with Pulse Feedback and develop their own processes and ideas. In this way, the changes in the company are better accepted and implemented with greater motivation.

Active reflection and continuous feedback are important building blocks here.

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50%-70% of all organisational change efforts fail

Bill Pasmore (2015). Leading Continuous Change

When organizations transform, it often leads to fear and uncertainty among employees. This is not surprising: the final decisions are typically communicated top-down instead of accompanying employees through the changes.

With every change or transformation, the organization initially comes to a brief standstill. Employees and managers spend a lot of time and energy securing their own position. Value creation and the creation of positive customer experiences take a back seat.

Pulse Feedback allows you to actively involve employees in the transformation of your company

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Measure scientifically

Keep your finger on the pulse of your employees during small and large changes.

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Support employees

Enable everyone in the company to do a good job, even in difficult situations.

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Embed sustainably

Embed change effectively in the organisation.

Encourage continuous reflection and alignment

With short surveys, you regularly encourage your employees to reflect on their current work situation. This allows teams throughout the company to coordinate their priorities and activities and adapt optimally to the new circumstances. Continuous feedback helps management to recognise when something is going in the wrong direction.

Pulse Feedback is reduced to the essentials and thus facilitates constructive and continuous feedback in employee surveys on change management: What do employees need to be able to do a good job in the new situation?

Uncover stumbling blocks in the company’s transformation in a timely and targeted manner

Pulse Feedback also includes a scientifically developed questionnaire. In addition to a module that you can use to support change processes in a targeted manner, you will find many other questions for measuring and promoting employee commitment and satisfaction. You can also create your own questions and thus optimally address your current situation.

Easily measure and compare the progress of your company transformation

With just a few clicks, you can easily visualise the progress of change or transformation in your company over time. In the results dashboard, you'll quickly spot the effectiveness of the taken actions, pinpoint challenges, and identify team discrepancies.

In the detailed view of the respective question, you will also find many constructive comments so that you can easily identify causes.

Drive company transformation

How CSS Insurance learns and improves locally with departement-specific surveys

Pulse Feedback was introduced as part of a restructuring of roles and activities in sales. The aim was to test the success of the measures and to give employees the opportunity to actively shape their working environment in a way that would best benefit from the changes. Pulse Feedback is also used for departmental surveys and across the organisation to address the Corona crisis.

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Christian Flueckiger

Pulse Feedback has led to greater employee involvement in our organisation. The tool is very convenient and easy to use. Everyone can derive insights and act within their sphere of influence.

Christian Flueckiger

Christian Flückiger


Which companies use Pulse Feedback to support their change processes?

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