With Pulse, you can make long-lasting changes in your company

The only employee survey that enables you to transform your company in a transparent, bottom-up and agile way.

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Pulse is like an employee survey. Only totally different.

Actionable feedback instead of anonymous venting

Pulse focuses on constructive comments and establishes a transparent feedback culture.

Real-time results for all instead of months later for a few

Feedback is available for everybody: in real-time and 100% actionable.

Self-directed improving instead of directives from above

Pulse is bottom-up: all colleagues give feedback and suggest improvements.

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They recognise that continuous learning and improvement are key to success

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With Pulse we further develop our culture and learn to give a more nuanced feedback: instead of “every second year, comprehensive and anonymous, top-down” now we “do multiple times per year, a few, yet up-to-date questions, personal and immediately visible to all, button-up.”

Hans Werner

Chief Personnel Officer — Swisscom

Active users

Our broad user base is regularly providing feedback and working actively with the results.

Loyal customers

Our customers have recognised the value of continuous learning and improvement.

Constructive comments

They are proof that transparent feedback works.

Pulse is versatile

Pulse can help you support transformations, develop culture, enhance employee engagement, anchor strategy, increase customer centricity and much more.

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Our beliefs

  • Feedback makes us better!
  • Feedback needs a framework: it must be made clear when, to whom, in which form and about what one is giving feedback
  • With a suitable instrument one can create this framework and turn people into competent givers and receivers of feedback.
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Data protection and security are improtant to us

The security and protection of your data are very important to us. We therefore handle your data according to the strictest data protection standards.

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