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The innovative employee survey Pulse enables employees to improve their collaboration and shape their working environment.
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What is Pulse?

Vorschau wie die Pulse-Frage aussieht

Pulse is a survey tool with which your employees can use open feedback to improve their collaboration and shape their working environment, thereby establishing a constructive feedback culture and inscribing continuous learning and improvement into your organizational DNA.

  • A swift and simple employee survey in real-time
  • An instrument to identify engagement drivers and barriers
  • A method to establish a learning organization
Get to know Pulse

With Pulse everybody will achieve their full potential

Employees know exactly what they need to do a great job. Pulse establishes a constructive feedback culture and makes it easy for everyone to identify and remove obstacles.

Everybody implements improvements

Pulse is bottom-up: Every employee translates feedback into improvements – in real-time.

An open, company-wide feedback culture

Pulse encourages constructive feedback, instead of letting people vent anonymously. And that in the whole company.

Collaboration will improve company-wide

With Pulse, collaboration within and across teams is continuously improved and reflected on.

A selection of our customers

They know that continuous learning and improvement is the key to success.

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With Pulse we further develop our culture and learn to give a more nuanced feedback: instead of "every second year, comprehensive and anonymous, top-down" now we do "multiple times per year, a few, yet up-to-date questions, personal and immediately visible to all, button-up."

Hans Werner

Chief Personnel Officer — Swisscom

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Winner of the St. Gallen Leadership Award 2017

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