Grow personally with Peer Feedback

Peer Feedback helps you grow by providing a safe and straightforward setting for valuable 360-degree feedback.

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Peer Feedback makes continuous feedback happen

Effective 1:1 feedback

Obtain constructive personal feedback to identify blind spots and recognise growth potential.

Individual & intuitive

With just a few clicks, set up effective surveys containing the topics that matter most to you.

A safe space for feedback

The tool guides you through the process of seeking, giving and discussing the feedback.

The challenge: creating a safe environment and a simple process for constructive feedback

Do you find it challenging to find the right time and framework to get feedback from your colleagues? Are you unsure about how to give feedback to your superiors? You are not alone – many people find it difficult. Often, there is no framework or opportunity for constructive feedback. Many times it is also unclear how to structure such a feedback conversation in a goal-oriented way.

The solution: Peer Feedback for an appreciative feedback culture

Feedback is important and makes us better. Nevertheless, many receive it too rarely or unilaterally. We have learned that for feedback to be actively embedded in the culture, it needs the right setting.

With Peer Feedback, receiving and giving feedback becomes easy, transparent and effective – especially when working remotely.

The result? Identified strengths and hurdles clear the way for joint and individual development.

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Personalised guides to work with the results

Working with results is essential. But you may feel you don’t exactly know how to conduct a feedback discussion. Our result analysis and reflection guides make it easy for you to draw the most out of the feedback you received.

With our personalised feedback discussion guides, the conversations with your colleagues will feel like a breeze.

Feedback has never been so easy.

Playful & simple: this is how it works

The first step is always the hardest? Not with Peer Feedback.

Create surveys easily

​​Everyone in your company can create surveys anytime and individually select the topics that are currently relevant for them.

Review results in real-time

Results are shown the Pulse way: ratings are anonymous, comments are shown with the name of the authors.

Learn from feedback

Personalised guides make it easy to analyse results and discuss feedback.

Powerful features for fun feedback

Give feedback in a fun way

Peer Feedback asks questions that are easy to answer and makes feedback intuitive and appreciative.

Make obstacles visible

People generally want to do a good job. But this is not always easy. Peer Feedback helps you identify why.

Continuously track progress

With Peer Feedback, you can track your progress easily and evaluate the impact of the actions taken.

We believe that feedback makes us better

We believe that you want to do your job, efficiently. Sometimes, however, unspoken needs or goals cause frustration and block progress.

Feedback is the key to removing these obstacles. We believe that there are almost no problems that can’t be solved through open and appreciative feedback.

Continous feedback is the basis for a more motivating cooperation, effective goal orientation and your personal development.