How do I give feedback?

Feedback makes us better if it is handled carefully. Here are a few tips for giving and receiving feedback successfully.

Which attitude helps?

The same situation can be perceived very differently by different people. With feedback, we get to know other perspectives and thus arrive at a differentiated picture of the situation. Feedback is not about being right, but about learning something about yourself and others.

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Grafik von Teammitgliedern bei der Diskussion mit den Pulse Ergebnissen
Grafik eines Mitarbeiters der Feedback gibt. Nach dem Schema "Mir gefällt, dass" und "Ich wünsche mir, dass".

Tips for the feedback provider

Use specific, observable examples
Describe concrete experiences and what they have triggered in you.

Use I-messages
Describe your personal view – and only this one. What do you want to change and for what reason?

Be honest and constructive
Say what you think and what you can do to improve the situation.

Describe your feelings
Describe how you feel and how a particular initial position triggers in you.

Communicate needs
Explain what you would like to do in concrete terms or what measures you would like to see taken for improvement.

Tips for the feedback recipient

Don't forget: Feedback is a perception
Feedback is the personal view of the person giving the feedback and is only one of many perspectives.

Listen carefully
Focus on listening and processing the feedback. Often it is not necessary to react to it. Saying thank you is enough.

Treat feedback as a gift
The more feedback, the more perspectives. It is crucial to reflect on the feedback you receive. In the end, however, you decide what you do with it.

Ask clarifying questions
Be sure to ask if the feedback is not clear. Otherwise, misunderstandings can arise which often remain undiscovered for a long time.

Grafik eines Mitarbeiters der Feedback gibt

Types of feedback

Grafik eines Mitarbeiters der Feedback gibt

Feedback on a matter

A circumstance such as the current collaboration or a work result like a product idea or the new strategy document.

Grafik eines Mitarbeiters der Feedback gibt

Feedback on a person

The concrete, observed behaviour of a person or group of people in one or more situations.

Grafik eines Mitarbeiters der Feedback gibt

Quantitative feedback

Quantitative data are like a signpost. They help to quickly identify where to look more closely.

Grafik eines Mitarbeiters der Feedback gibt

Qualitative feedback

Written feedback provides information about the concrete problem and the underlying causes.