The Pulse method

What is Pulse?

Pulse is a survey tool with which your employees can use open feedback to improve their collaboration and shape their working environment, thereby establishing a constructive feedback culture and inscribing continuous learning and improvement into your organizational DNA. With Pulse, employees are regularly asked about various aspects of their work situation. Thanks to the transparency of the results, employees can identify improvement potential in their teams and in the company. This enables them to initiate and implement improvements.

Pulse is developed and provided to you by Creaholic in Biel. Your company's Pulse team is responsible for conducting the surveys.

What ist he difference between Pulse and other employee surveys?

Pulse is a new method that focuses on continuous learning and improvement. Using a bottom-up approach, Pulse establishes a constructive feedback culture and facilitates the identification and removal of barriers – in real time.

Pulse was originally developed at Swisscom, out of a concrete need: The results of the employee survey used so far were not actionable and tangible improvements were difficult to implement. Pulse is now being used successfully by many companies.

To date, our employee survey has led to only a few noticeable improvements. Why should that change with Pulse?

With classic employee surveys (many questions, infrequent, completely anonymous) it is difficult to implement effective improvements because the obstacles that are encountered in the daily work often differ from team to team. With Pulse, relevant feedback is sent directly to where it has the most impact, namely to the teams. This allows barriers to be identified and removed directly within the team. Thanks to the transparency of the results, problems that are faced by many teams can also be identified and tackled together.

How is the score calculated?

The ratings for each question are assigned to one of three possible groups: Improve (1 to 6), Neutral (7 & 8) and Keep it up (9 & 10).

The score is calculated as follows: the percentage of participants in the group Keep it up less the percentage of participants in the group Improve (scores are presented without "%"). The lowest possible score is -100, the highest possible +100.

Data protection & data security

Where is the data processed and stored?

All Pulse data is stored and hosted in the Swisscom Application Cloud (certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/CEI 20000, ISO/CEI 27001) in Switzerland and at Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) (certified ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 9001) in Europe (Dublin and Frankfurt).

In order to guarantee data security, we have a separate database instance for each customer. The cloud application systems are located in two of the most secure data centers of Europe. The security measures are based on the recognized standard 27001 and guarantee, among other things, the following:

  • The computer systems are physically protected
  • The systems are protected from the internet by firewalls
  • The systems have up-to-date virus and malware protection
  • The systems are regularly updated
  • System security is tested by experts
  • Swisscom guarantees data security

Who sees my answers if I participate in Pulse?

For Pulse, the same rules apply to all participants, regardless of their function or role in the company.

Feedback consists of a rating (1-10) and comments. Your rating will be visible to you only. Your comments will be visible to everyone, but only your team members will see your name and photo.

Teams consist of all employees with the same team name and their direct superiors. "Lead teams" are formed when superiors lead other superiors. Lead teams consist of the respective superiors and all superiors directly subordinate to them. Direct subordinates without a management function are also part of the lead team if they have the same team name as their superior.

This applies only to people who are members of the team at the time of your participation. Members who are added to the team after your participation will see your comments without your name and photo.

Who has access rights to the survey data?

All users (participants, administrators and visitors) can view the survey data in the form described above. Access rights are granted by your company's Pulse team.

A small number of people in your company and from Creaholic can access the raw data, mostly in anonymous form. The raw data can be used to perform specific analyses of the survey results that are currently not possible with the Pulse software (e.g. statistical analyses). The data is kept strictly confidential. For further details please see our General Terms and Conditions.

How long can my answers be viewed?

The survey data is stored for an unlimited amount of time to ensure that the answers to the different questions can be compared with those of previous surveys. However, it is possible that your company may impose a time limit. For more information, contact your company's Pulse team.

What happens to malicious or discriminatory comments?

Creaholic and your company have no control over the ratings and comments, but reserve the right to delete any insulting or illegal comments. You can also report comments in the tool if you consider them problematic. Any misuse of the tool can lead to labor sanctions and other measures.

Surveys & participation

How often is the survey conducted?

There is no fixed frequency for Pulse. Normally 2 to 4 surveys with 5 to 8 questions each are carried out per year. To learn more about how Pulse is used in your organization, contact your company's Pulse team.

Do I have to participate in the surveys?

Survey participation (i.e. answering and commenting on questions) is usually voluntary. Employees who do not participate should not be disadvantaged in any way.

Who is invited to the surveys?

Usually all employees of the company (or the department that uses Pulse). Some companies exclude interns, employees on temporary contracts or external employees. Contact your company's Pulse team to get more information.

If you have just started in your company, your start date must be before the first day of the survey. You must also have a company email address to participate.

Can I see the results even if I did not participate?

Yes and no. While the survey is active you need to participate to see the results. After the survey is finished, you will have access to the results even if you did not participate.

Can I change my answers after I have submitted the survey?

No, subsequent changes are not possible.

Will my answers be taken into account when evaluating my performance?

No. The feedback should help us all to work together better and remove barriers. Pulse is not an instrument for individual performance assessment.

Support & contact

Who can I contact if I have not found an answer to my question here?

The Pulse team in your company. They will communicate their contact details before the first survey. Usually, an e-mail address in the following format is used: pulse@[COMPANY]. You can also use the contact form of the Pulse app.