Promoting customer centricity with Pulse

Customer-centric thinking and acting as the key to success

How customer-centric is your company? Which factors are essential? As the person responsible for customer focus and customer experience, you can not only measure the level of customer focus in your company with Pulse, but also ensure that the customer is in focus with all employees and that customer experiences are deliberately created. The best way to do this is with the Customer Centricity Score (CCScore) — a scientifically developed KPI for customer-centric companies and those who want to become one.

The CCScore makes the strengths and development areas of customer orientation transparent. Based on the results, concrete measures can be defined, such as gaining systematic customer knowledge, introducing customer-related KPIs and incentives, and designing processes along the customer experience chain. Better customer experiences lead to greater success in the market. By the way, CCScore has its own website with further information.

With Pulse you can …

  • Anchor customer orientation with all its facets in the company
  • Ensure that everyone in the company deliberately creates a good customer experience
  • Measure the degree of customer orientation of your company and track it over time

How does it work?

Customer-centric thinking and acting can be promoted at all levels in the company by regularly asking specific questions about the relevant aspects of customer 1ricity. The CCScore questions are included in Pulse and are constantly being developed. As always, you can of course also formulate your own questions.

These questions can either be embedded in existing Pulse surveys or you can carry out your own surveys, which is especially useful for a CCScore. It is important that these are carried out with all employees, as they are not only intended to measure but, above all, to stimulate in-depth discussion within the teams.

How EAO uses the CCScore to implement its customer-focused corporate strategy: “No. 1 in serving customers”

Customer focus is now a central part of the strategy of many companies. Strategic anchoring is good and important — but it’s only the beginning of the journey towards a customer-centric enterprise. In the course of their new corporate strategy, EAO was looking for an instrument that would allow them to not only systematically measure customer orientation in the company, but also continuously increase it and anchor it across the board. This was to be done at all locations worldwide.

To begin with, the Customer Centricity Score (CCScore) was measured to determine the location. This revealed many global and local issues, which were analysed in detail at all locations. This enabled the employees to define improvement measures that were relevant and targeted to their individual needs and to strengthen cooperation throughout the company.

The CCScore enabled us to identify the greatest challenges in the area of customer orientation and to implement concrete improvement measures in various areas. In addition, CCScore is a great tool for involving all our employees in the transformation journey to be "No. 1 in serving customers".

Kurt Loosli