Employees talk to each other

Embed changes sustainably in the company

With the award-winning employee survey Pulse, you can accompany small and large changes in your company in a targeted manner and continuously guide employees through the ups and downs of the change process.

Encourage reflection and consultation

With short surveys, you regularly allow your employees to reflect on their current work situation. These surveys will enable teams across the company to align their priorities and activities and adapt to new circumstances in the best possible way. Management gains early access into the company's functioning to recognize any wrong directions in place.

Pulse is reduced to the essentials and makes it easier for participants to give constructive feedback on their current situation: What do they need to do an excellent job in the new situation?

Uncover stumbling blocks in the company's transformation in a timely and targeted manner

Pulse includes a scientifically developed questionnaire. In addition to a module specifically designed to accompany corporate transformations, you will find many other questions to help you measure and promote employee engagement and satisfaction. To optimally address your current situation, you can also create your questions.

Easily measure and compare transformation progress

With just a few clicks, you can easily visualize progress and changes over time. The results' dashboard will show you, at a glance, how effective the implemented measures are, where you still face challenges, and where there are differences between the teams.

In the detailed view of each question, you will also find many constructive comments so that you can quickly identify causes.

Download a free transformation questionnaire

Guide small and significant changes in your company with our Transformation Questionnaire and continuously guide employees through the change process's ups and downs.

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How CSS Insurance learns and improves locally with area-specific surveys

A few years ago, CSS Insurance introduced a fundamental restructuring of sales roles and activities. The goal was simple: sales employees should be able to concentrate more on sales. Could this goal be achieved with the implemented measures? Pulse was used to answer this question. This allowed the success of the measures to be assessed and gave the employees the opportunity to actively shape their work environment in such a way that they could best benefit from the changes. Pulse is also used for area-specific surveys in individual departments and across companies for coping with the corona crisis.

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Pulse has led to greater employee involvement. The tool is very practical and easy to use for everyone. It allows everyone to derive their own insights and act within their own sphere of influence.

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Discover why Pulse is the optimal tool to accompany your transformation

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Little effort thanks to a lot of automation

With just a few clicks, participants are imported, surveys are set up, and invitation e-mails are sent out.

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The right questions for every situation

Our scientifically developed questionnaire covers the most important topics. With your own questions, you can flexibly address your situation.

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Impact throughout the company

Everyone in the company works bottom-up with the results. This way, you achieve the maximum impact and, at the same time, relieve management, HR - and yourself.

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Risk-free trial run with our pilot project

With little effort, start with a pilot group and find out if Pulse is the right tool for you.

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Flexible switching between devices

Start on the PC, finish on the mobile: Pulse saves all your entries on any device and is optimized for all screen sizes.

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Log in with the company password

Thanks to Single Sign-On (SSO), all employees can work securely with Pulse using their company login.