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Fit for change thanks to continuous reflection and adaptation

A company is constantly changing. Reorganisations, management changes or even extraordinary situations such as mergers and acquisitions, economic crises or pandemics mean that it is often not possible to do “business as usual.”

As a transformation or management executive, you can ensure that affected teams can adapt optimally to the new situation while keeping your finger on the pulse of your employees. With Pulse, you can accompany small and large changes in a targeted manner and continuously guide employees through the ups and downs of the change process. In doing so, you not only measure the progress of transformation but also regularly give the teams a means to deal with the new circumstances by asking questions like:

  • How can we optimally adapt to the new situation?
  • Which projects have priority now?
  • What is less central?
  • How do we deal with extraordinary requirements?
  • How are we doing?

With Pulse you can …

  • Stay on the pulse of employees with small and large changes
  • Enable everyone in the company to do a good job even in difficult situations
  • Anchor changes effectively in the company

How does it work?

Pulse is ideally suited to accompany small and large transformations. Through regular short surveys, teams can reflect on the current situation and adjust their priorities and behaviour to best suit the circumstances. This ensures that the teams are able to adapt to the situation, rather than continue working blindly as before. With our transformation module, such surveys can be set up very easily. The available question catalogue or self-defined questions help to address the right points.

Discover the Pulse method

How CSS Insurance learns and improves locally with area-specific surveys

A few years ago, CSS Insurance introduced a fundamental restructuring of sales roles and activities. The goal was simple: sales employees should be able to concentrate more on sales. Could this goal be achieved with the implemented measures? Pulse was used to answer this question. This allowed the success of the measures to be assessed and gave the employees the opportunity to actively shape their work environment in such a way that they could best benefit from the changes. Pulse is also used for area-specific surveys in individual departments and across companies for coping with the corona crisis.

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Portrait Christian Flückiger

Pulse has led to greater employee involvement. The tool is very practical and easy to use for everyone. It allows everyone to derive their own insights and act within their own sphere of influence.

Portrait Christian Flückiger

Christian Flückiger


How Swisscom accelerates transformation ith Pulse

A good 10 years ago, Swisscom initiated a cultural transformation aimed at continuing to write the market leader's success story with greater transparency, personal responsibility, a constructive- feedback culture and cultivating an organisation that is constantly learning. In this context, the introduction of Pulse proved to be a positive reinforcement of this transformation. The radical transparency of Pulse pays off in values such as openness and trust, two basic prerequisites in any successful change process. Pulse thrived optimally on this fertile ground and helped to further develop the desired culture.

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In view of the transformation to agile working methods initiated 4-5 years ago, Pulse accelerates the huge learning process. Pulse helps to uncover obstacles and create clarity about who is responsible for what in the agile organization. Within a year, critical comments on the topic of agility have decreased significantly. This would not have been possible without Pulse.

Portrait Philippe Nicod

Philippe Nicod