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More engagement thanks to self-directed learning and improvement

With the award-winning employee survey Pulse, you can easily measure engagement in your company. Our bottom-up approach makes engagement tangible and active throughout the organisation.

Simple and modern measurement, real-time improvement

Pulse was specifically designed for engagement surveys and includes a scientifically developed questionnaire. Teams at all levels of the hierarchy can provide feedback on key engagement drivers in a matter of minutes and immediately identify and remove barriers.
Thanks to insights from cognitive psychology and intelligent UX design, Pulse makes it easy to give constructive feedback. So easy that it has been proven to promote the feedback culture in the company.

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Measure the key engagement drivers with just a few clicks

Together with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland, we have developed our own questionnaire especially for Pulse. It maps the central factors known from scientific literature that promote or hinder employee engagement.

In this way, you can easily identify drivers and barriers to engagement and address them in a targeted manner. The questionnaire also contains questions on other topics such as transformation and leadership. Of course, you can also create your own questions and thus respond flexibly to your situation.

Employee centricity thanks to bottom-up approach

At Pulse, the focus is on the employees. Instead of imposing top-down measures, you can enable teams across the organisation to shape their collaboration and working environment through open feedback.

This is much more likely to succeed because teams know best what they need to do a good job. At the same time, you take the pressure off management and HR - and yourself.

Download our free guide to formulating effective questions

The guide provides you with valuable tips on how to formulate effective questions for your employee survey quickly and easily.

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Swisscom keeps its finger on the pulse of employees with measurements of local and global engagement drivers

Swisscom had been using a comprehensive traditional employee survey for many years to measure engagement. However, this only took place every two years and could no longer keep up with the rapid changes within the company. Worse still, the survey rarely led to noticeable improvements. Yet this was precisely the actual goal. Dissatisfaction with the previous survey and the lack of a suitable tool on the market, led to the development of Pulse. Pulse has been used at Swisscom since 2016 to measure employee engagement and other topics.

Pulse creates a space for feedback and dialogue that stimulates the discussion of strengths and the potential for improvement. It gives everyone the opportunity and the responsibility to address and lead topics. In this way, employees and teams throughout the company are supported in working together to overcome obstacles. The manager takes on the role of a trainer by discussing the rules for teamwork, designing a learning process and promoting the self-management of employees.

Due to the great relevance for the teams, Pulse is used to stimulate discussion among the employees and they are encouraged to initiate independent action – to an extent that has no relation to previous employee surveys. At the same time, HR and management always keep their finger on the pulse of the employees, can follow the development of the topics dealt with over time and can implement comprehensive measures where necessary. Pulse is an integral part of Swisscom‘s work and has produced numerous local and global improvements.

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What makes Pulse revolutionary compared to all other methods is its transparency. And the very user-friendly evaluation of the results. This allows everyone in the company to take responsibility and work with the results. And that pays off: Teams that have consistently worked with Pulse have been able to measurably increase their performance.

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Why Pulse is the optimal tool to increase employee engagement

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Little effort thanks to a lot of automation

With just a few clicks, participants are imported, surveys are set up, and invitation e-mails are sent out.

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The right questions for every situation

Our scientifically developed questionnaire covers the most important topics. With your own questions, you can flexibly address your situation.

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Impact throughout the company

Everyone in the company works bottom-up with the results. This way, you achieve the maximum impact and, at the same time, relieve management, HR - and yourself.

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Risk-free trial run with our pilot project

With little effort, start with a pilot group and find out if Pulse is the right tool for you.

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Flexible switching between devices

Start on the PC, finish on the mobile: Pulse saves all your entries on any device and is optimized for all screen sizes.

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Log in with the company password

Thanks to Single Sign-On (SSO), all employees can work securely with Pulse using their company login.