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Sustainably embed cultural initiatives

It is well known that the culture of a company is a central factor for the success and failure of a company. So much so that it has caused the most successful companies to stumble. Developing a culture in a certain direction is challenging and cannot be achieved through communication alone.

As the person responsible for cultural or organisational development, you can effectively anchor cultural initiatives in the company by using Pulse to stimulate a continuous dialogue in the teams around your topics or themes. These can be old or new company values (e.g. "honesty," "reliability") or cultural initiatives (e.g. increased feedback culture, to establish an attitude of continuous learning and improvement). In this way, values and behaviour patterns are continuously reflected and slowly but surely passed into the DNA of your company.

With Pulse you can…

  • Anchor cultural initiatives in the company
  • Stimulate a continuous dialogue in the teams around your topics
  • Ensure that values and behaviour patterns are continuously reflected and adapted

How does it work?

Cultural topics can be firmly anchored by asking specific questions on these topics at regular intervals to employees throughout the company or in the relevant areas. In this way, these issues are continuously reflected on by the employees and remain current and present.

At Pulse, there is a catalogue of questions with central topics that are current in many companies. You can either use the questions already contained the survey or your own questions can be embedded in existing surveys. You can also create surveys specifically for the topic. It is important that the surveys are carried out with all affected employees, as they are not only intended to measure but, above all, to stimulate an in-depth discussion within the teams.

Discover the Pulse method

How Swisscom created a constructive feedback culture with Pulse

Feedback is important and valuable for continuous improvement. However, it is not always perceived only as an opportunity, but sometimes also as a threat or attack. For this reason, for many years, Swisscom has pursued the goal of establishing and promoting a constructive feedback culture within the company so that feedback is not avoided, but actively sought.

Among other measures, Pulse is used to conduct regular feedback rounds at all levels of the company. The surveys provide a regular impulse for employees to give each other feedback on current cooperation. In addition, the tool and the accompanying communication implicitly and explicitly impart skills on how to give feedback in the most constructive way possible.

With success: since the launch of Pulse, the feedback culture in the company has not only been continuously improved, but employees are also becoming more involved with Pulse. Participation has increased and more employees write comments that are increasingly numerous and longer.

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Portrait Philippe Nicod

The establishment of a constructive feedback culture has been an important goal at Swisscom for many years. Pulse has helped us to achieve this goal step by step and makes our success measurable in concrete terms.

Portrait Philippe Nicod

Philippe Nicod

Lead Chapter Fututre Workforce — Swisscom