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With Pulse, you ensure that teams can stay productive and collaborate seamlessly

2020 has been a year full of challenges: severe constraints in our personal and professional lives, rapidly changing conditions and a highly uncertain future. However, two things are clear: some changes in this extraordinary situation may remain beyond the crisis, such as increased home office work and fewer physical meetings. What can you do to help everyone adapt to these extraordinary circumstances and do a good job every day?

The key to success is a regular reflection in every team: which of our activities and projects are now critical, which have less priority? How does everyone cope with the current circumstances? Does anyone need support with practical (e.g. home office setup) or psychological issues (e.g. loneliness)? These reflections enable teams to continually adapt to the rapidly changing situation and ensure that at any given time, everyone does what your company needs most.

With Pulse, you can make those reflections happen, on a regular basis and in every team.

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With Pulse, you can …

  • Ensure teams can stay productive and do what’s most needed right now
  • Foster a culture of constant inspecting and adapting
  • Identify company-wide engagement drivers and barriers
  • Create the necessary transparency in times of increased physical separation

How does it work?

Pulse is ideally suited to support employees in challenging situations. Through regular short surveys, teams can reflect on the current situation and adjust their priorities and behaviour to best suit the circumstances. With our Covid-19 questionnaire, you can set up such surveys within minutes. It is also possible to add custom questions to make sure all relevant topics are covered.

Learn more on how Pulse enabled our customers and us to adapt to radical change during the Coronavirus lockdown in our blog post.

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Download Covid-19 questionnaire