AI features assist you in writing feedback, automatically translate comments and help you gain valuable insights.

Feedback Assistant: Takes your feedback to the next level by offering the option to rewrite your feedback in a more constructive way, to include solutions, to make it more concise and much more.

Comment Translation: Translates your feedback from one language to another to eliminate language barriers between users who speak different languages.

AI Insights: Provides valuable insights derived from analysing the feedback. It identifies strengths and needs and recommends possible solutions.

Pulse Feedback uses Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Translate to power its AI features.


Keep in mind the following when using Pulse Feedback AI features.

Reliability and Accuracy

  • Probabilistic Nature: AI algorithms generate results based on probabilities. They are highly reliable but not infallible. The outputs depend significantly on the quality and quantity of the data fed into them.
  • Contextual Understanding: While AI can process and analyse data at an unparalleled speed, its comprehension of context and nuance is limited compared to human judgment. We recommend users to review AI-generated insights critically, especially in complex or sensitive contexts.

Data Usage

As stated in Amazon Bedrock FAQs, user inputs and outputs are neither used by AWS nor by a third-party for model training.

How AI Insights and Feedback Assistant work

  1. For each AI feature, we have a predefined prompt template. According to the selected action, your input is injected into the respective prompt template to generate a fully functional prompt.
  2. This prompt is then sent to the Amazon Bedrock API.
  3. Through the Amazon Bedrock API we get a text output that attempts to match whatever instructions or context are included with the original input.
  4. The output is displayed to the user.

To handle translations in AI Insights and Comment Translation, Pulse Feedback uses Amazon Translate. As stated on Amazon Translate FAQs Pulse Feedback uses AI services opt-out policies to prevent your content to be used by Amazon to improve and develop the quality of Amazon AI technologies.

When using Pulse Feedback AI features, you always have the possibility to report whether you are satisfied or not with the result to improve your experience with Pulse Feedback AI features over time.