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Pulse Feedback measures your company pulse – continuously, uniquely, and purposefully

You’ll probably agree: Employee engagement is one of the most critical factors for the long-term success of companies – but it’s not always easy to achieve.

To create more engagement, you have to deep dive into understanding your employees:

  • What actively drives engagement and employee satisfaction in the company?
  • What prevents employees from effectively doing their job?
  • What are the concerns of employees in general?

To find this out, conducting regular employee surveys has proven beneficial.

The problem

However, our experience has shown that it’s easier said than done. The online employee survey tools that we could find focused heavily on measurement and offered little practical implementation potential.

Furthermore, we experienced employee surveys to be a one-way street concept that often ends in a dead-end. In other words: employees give feedback – but whether it's understood and implemented by those responsible in management and HR is questionable.

Let’s do it better

Our goal: Employee surveys should become a valuable and central tool for sustainable change. Above all, we wanted employees to be more closely involved in the implementation process. Therefore, with Pulse Feedback, we created a tool for online employee surveys that precisely pursues these goals.

  • An online employee survey with a clear bottom-up focus: everyone shares and implements feedback
  • Actionable insights in real-time rather than abstract evaluation forms gathering dust in drawers for months
  • A stimulating employee experience: the exact method online employee surveys creates engagement
  • Qualitative feedback rather than a few ticks or crosses on a standardised questionnaire quickly squeezed in before lunch

Why conduct employee surveys at all?

In short, employee surveys collect their feedback to measure and increase values such as satisfaction, commitment, and loyalty within the company.

As of the 1930s, companies conducted employee surveys to brace themselves for the intervention of trade unions by taking actions at an early stage. If you're interested in the topic of trade unions, we recommend the article 3 tips on how to turn employee representatives into allies.

Despite the long history of employee surveys to aid in optimising satisfaction and engagement, many companies believe it’s possible to recruit engaged employees. The company expects them to simply follow along on the path of corporate development and transformation.

In our experience, long-term commitment can’t be recruited, but is only created within the company. There, it must continuously be promoted. If employees aren’t sufficiently involved in developments and can’t identify with the company and the long-term changes, the commitment quickly fizzles out. Employee satisfaction is low, and people no longer pull together.

Even with transparent processes and motivational measures, one can only speculate about the actual engagement drivers and obstacles within the company. Thanks to our online employee survey, you can do this even more precisely by explicitly identifying the company’s concerns and quickly addressing them.

Online, open, without time delay


You’re probably aware of online employee surveys’ advantages: one may participate from anywhere. There’s no need to input the data into the computer, and the automatic evaluation saves a lot of time. In short: it’s simply easier.

The digital implementation of our employee survey allows for a never seen before, open feedback culture. Results can be viewed and implemented by everyone!

Frankly speaking: open is better

Wait a minute. Open? Surely, you don’t mean that your online employee surveys aren’t anonymous?

Yes, we do. That’s precisely what we mean, at least partially. As much as they're always anonymous, the individual ratings are visible to everyone as a team, department, or company scores. Within a team, the members can consult other members’ comments by name. And, there are good reasons why, with Pulse Feedback, we have opted for more openness with feedback!

You probably know the classic argument on this subject. Without anonymity, there’s no honest feedback because employees are afraid of consequences. And, that seems to make sense.

However, we’ve experienced that secrecy in online employee surveys develops a “witch-hunting” culture. Moreover, anonymity tempts people to “let off steam”. However, for real improvements, honest and constructive feedback is essential.

Therefore, our online employee surveys celebrate openness and equal rights for everyone. Employees can view managers’ feedback and vice versa. Everyone communicates with each other at the same level, and you get a holistic view of the company’s current state.

We believe that entirely anonymous surveys have the above-mentioned issues and create an environment where it’s challenging to work meaningfully with the results. While anonymous employee surveys can be helpful in certain situations, they're still a minority.

The partial anonymity chosen for our online employee surveys aims to filter what should be visible so that the company can work with the results.

Time is commitment

Stakeholders can openly view the results and some implementation proposals, all in real-time.

Firstly, improvements are of little use if the issues are no longer current or, if in the worst case, they’ve already developed into more serious situations.

Secondly, employees are understandably frustrated when they participate in surveys and that their feedback isn’t used. In our experience, it’s better not to ask than implementing too late.

The path is the goal – that’s Pulse Feedback’s speed

Our online employee survey isn’t occupational therapy without added benefits. With Pulse Feedback, engagement isn’t just the outcome; it’s driven by the method itself! And in just a few steps, the collaborative improvement process is set in motion.

1. Obtain employee survey

What are the drivers and barriers to engagement? No beating around the bush here. We designed the questionnaire of our online employee survey for the company’s specific situations, such as transformations. Of course, you can also create and add your questions.

2. Give honest feedback

Tick boxes, crosses, maybe a rating scale – that’s what most online employee surveys resemble. But the real treasure is the free-written texts. Pulse Feedback primarily motivates comments. There are nearly ten times more words written here than in traditional surveys.

Pulse Feedback spares you the horror of text analysis. On the one hand, the feedback comments are especially important for the work in the teams. Therefore, the number of words to be read remains manageable for all employees. For evaluations at the department or company level, an automatic text analysis quickly helps to identify essential topics.

3. Real-time results from everyone

Out of sight, out of mind? Not with our online employee survey. Rather than simply satisfying themselves by submitting their questionnaire, employees also view and reflect on their team members’ feedback.

4. Battle plan of the teams

Put your heads together and find solutions: this can be done independently and bottom-up, thanks to Pulse Feedback. By giving employees access to real-time comments from their team and by name, problems are solved directly and collaboratively. The team focus is extreme with Pulse Feedback because each team has unique challenges that are best understood and overcome internally.

5. Better start from bottom-up

With Pulse Feedback, the whole company pulses with energy. There’s no trickle-down effect, where hardly any action reaches employees – let alone starts there. Improvements happen quickly, within teams and thanks to all employees.

Our clients and customers agree!