What should I consider to achieve a successful results meeting?

These aspects help you to lead the discussion of the results in your team to success.

Warm-up phase:
A warm-up phase is intended to create a pleasant atmosphere so that the participants can get in the mood for the discussion of the results and get involved, thus creating space for open feedback.

This can be done, for example, through a check-in session in which each person tells how they are doing and what is on their minds. Marble groups are an alternative. In small groups, topics and questions are discussed on a personal level.

Meeting principles:
At the beginning of the results meeting, principles can be collected and recorded in the team for the meeting, which shows the desired behaviour for the joint meeting (e.g. active listening, raising hands if principles are not adhered to).

Feedback round:
At the end of the results meeting, it should be reflected what went well in the meeting and where there is room for improvement. These insights can be gathered together or in a check-out session, in which everyone reflects on their own experience of the meeting and tells us how they experienced it.

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