How can I create or edit a custom team?

Custom teams can be used to display the results of a group of people in one view. This is useful for project teams or agile squads that are not shown in the organization chart of the company. You can also combine multiple teams into one group. This is useful to analyze multiple teams that are not in the same department. If a team changes its name or its assignment (e.g. "Sales > Hotline" becomes "Support > Hotline") you can still track the scores over time by combining the old (Sales > Hotline) and the new team (Support > Hotline) into one custom team (e.g. "Hotline History").

Creating a custom team

  1. Go to the results page and click on the Team name under the page title
  2. Select "Create team" from the pop-up window
  3. Give your team a name and add people or teams by entering their respective names. Then click on Save
  4. Your newly created team will now appear to all members under the heading "My teams"
  5. By selecting a team in the filter menu, you can view its results. As always, only the members of your organizational team will see your comments with name and photo. All others will see your comments only in an anonymous form

Note: You can edit or delete your team at any time. Follow the first step and by clicking on the pencil icon next to the team you can delete it. Custom teams can be created and edited by all Pulse users.

Tip: If your team has been renamed and you can no longer see the history of your last surveys, you can restore the history using a custom team. To do this, create a custom team based on the old and the new team name. Name it clearly – for example, NEWteamname-History. You now have an overview of all past data again.