How can I compare the results from different surveys?

Pulse surveys are usually conducted 2-3 times per year and the results of older surveys are stored and can still be viewed. So you can compare the results of the different surveys to track the development in your company.

How to compare results from different surveys:

  1. On the Results page (just below the title), click on Results from your company or scroll all the way down and click on Compare Surveys.
  2. Select at least 2 surveys (which you want to compare) by clicking on them. The surveys will now appear under Selected surveys.
  3. Click on Apply.
  4. You can now compare the results or scores of the selected surveys directly.

Note: If your team has been renamed and you can no longer see the history of your last surveys, you can restore the history via a custom team. To do this, create a custom team based on the old and the new OE name. Name it clearly. For example, OE-NEW History. You now have an overview of all past data.