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With Peer Feedback, you can create personal surveys with just a few clicks, discover your blind spots through constructive feedback and learn how to continuously develop yourself in the process.

What is Peer Feedback?

With Peer Feedback, you can create effective surveys on individually important topics with just a few clicks and gather feedback from personally relevant people. It’s simple and intuitive.

With the included templates, creating surveys is child’s play. The scientifically developed questionnaire covers key leadership and development topics.

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Grow personally with Peer Feedback

Learn from feedback

Peer feedback provides a safe space for open exchange and continuous improvement. Here’s how it works:

1. Get personal feedback.
Create surveys with a few clicks and get personal 360-degree feedback on topics of your choice. It’s easy with our templates.

2. Analyse results
Analyse the feedback of your colleagues in detail and identify growth potential. Our results analysis guide is a useful tool to help you do this.

3. turn feedback into improvements.
Discuss the feedback with your colleagues, clarify open questions and define improvement measures. Our feedback discussion guide contains step-by-step instructions for discussing the results.

Use it in many ways

Peer Feedback helps you to learn more about yourself and others. For example, in the following situations:

360-degree feedback
Get feedback from colleagues and managers on topics that are currently important to you. Helpful for managers and all those who would like to increase their competencies.

Coaching feedback
Get regular feedback from direct colleagues and people in the company who inspire you and from whom you can learn.

Feedback on goal achievement
Check your progress in achieving your goals and reflect on your own performance based on the feedback. This is also an optimal preparation for annual reviews and similar forms of performance appraisal.

Questions you may be asking yourself

By default, the results of your survey are only visible to you. However, you can share the results with your supervisors or colleagues by adding them as survey guests.

You can invite as many colleagues as you like to your peer survey. We recommend limiting the number of participants to 3-4 and discussing the results in detail with the feedback givers after the survey in order to deepen the points mentioned and to clarify questions.

When creating the survey, it is best to start with a suitable template. You can then delete questions and add more – up to a maximum of five questions. A comprehensive question catalogue is available for this purpose.

Tip: Think about which questions interest you the most. Less is sometimes more – especially for those giving feedback.

When creating a survey, you can freely choose its start and end date. You can also adjust the end date during or after the survey is completed (e.g. to extend the survey). We recommend a duration of approx. 2 weeks.

No, once the survey has been completed and sent, the answers can no longer be changed.

  • Feedback seekers: Once a survey has been completed.
  • Feedback givers: You can view your responses at any time after submitting the survey by clicking on the survey on the survey dashboard. With Peer Feedback, you won't see the responses of other participants (unless you have been added as a guest by the survey creator).
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