How can I make my comments visible to people outside my team (with photo and name)?

Even though everyone in the company sees your comments, only your team members see that you've written them. This is because they see your name and photo next to your comments. You can individually give the same rights to other people or teams so that they can also see who wrote the comments in question.

Make comments visible to specific people & teams with my name and photo

  1. Navigate to your name in the top-right corner and select Teams & Visibility
  2. You're now taken to the Visibility settings.
  3. Add individual people or teams who can see your comments with your name and photo. Selecting the entire company is also possible. However, selecting a custom team isn't. Members of a custom team must be added individually.

Note: They'll not only see your future comments with your name and photo, but also the comments you've already made.

Good to know: By clicking on Reset to default, you restore the original initial situation of visibility.