Goals & responsibilities

Wall of Work/Team Standup

Find out how you’re progressing towards your goals. Uncover problems and roadblocks that prevent you from achieving specific goals.
The Wall of Work helps you define and track the roles and responsibilities within your team. It also allows you to identify tasks in the backlog that should be prioritised in a timely manner to reach the goals.


  1. Schedule recurring team stand ups to go through the wall of work together (e.g. every week, once a month).
  2. Individually reflect on your goals and role in the team.
  3. Write down what you are currently doing to achieve your goals on post-its, and place them in the corresponding box.
  4. Reflect and share the outcomes with your team. Is the team aligned? Are people working on tasks and taking responsibilities according to their goals? Discuss possible improvements.
  5. Hint: use the backlog to keep a list of the tasks that could help your team achieve their goals when the time is right to pursue them.

Required Time


wall of work standup meeting canvas