Psychological Safety Ladder Canvas

The Psychological Safety Ladder Canvas helps you map out and understand your current situation, identify opportunities, and prioritise actions within your team. In addition, it sheds clarity on how the team feels about its team’s culture and how safe they feel to speak up their minds, be curious, and try new things.


  1. Give team members some time to understand the definitions for all three levels. Then, discuss what’s unclear within the team.
  2. Go through all the statements on each level and rate them using a colour coding system (green, yellow, red).
  3. Assess each level in a group discussion: what are you observing? Are there any patterns?
  4. Fix the step(s). Choose one step and focus the discussion on how it can be improved. This allows everyone to reflect on individual and collective behaviours – which ones do you think would be beneficial to start, stop, and continue with?

Required Time


Before you start

Read the article in the link below and familiarise yourself with the topic and the tool.


Visualization of the psychology safety ladder