Team cohesion

Do you feel like there’s enough recognition and appreciation in your team? Can your team constructively handle conflicts, and do you feel safe talking about difficult issues? Do you have sufficient physical, emotional and psychological resources to do your job?

To achieve team cohesion, trust is essential. Therefore, create transparency by listening to the perspectives of your team members and discussing your viewpoints.

Here are a couple of tools to help you improve your team’s climate.

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Goals, roles & responsibilities

Do you wish that there were more flexibility and autonomy when it comes to setting tasks and goals? Are overarching goals communicated appropriately? Do you agree with the values and the path taken or is there confusion in the team?

By setting clear goals, roles, tasks and responsibilities, you create a solid basis for an engaged team and excellent performance.

These tools make it easy to define goals, roles and responsibilities in your team.

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Team collaboration

Does your team work collaboratively? Do you regularly exchange information with your colleagues? Are the roles and responsibilities of all team members clear? Does the current feedback and error culture make it possible to work constructively and find solutions to problems that arise?

There can be a lot of obstacles when it comes to collaboration. Unclear responsibilities often result in unreliabilities. A solid organisation in your own team is key. Regularly question your roles and processes and find out in which areas your team can improve.

If you want to work on your team collaboration, use one of the tools we’ve prepared for you.

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Tools & processes

How do you like the tools and processes that you are using every day? Too many tools can unnecessarily make you lose lots of time, and so do complex processes. Is there room for simplification? Do you have technical issues?

Evaluate and analyse possible improvements and discuss them in detail with your colleagues. Or seek inspiration from other teams that work efficiently with their tools and processes.

If you want to improve your tools, processes or both, here are measures to help you do so.

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Work environment

Discuss your work environment with your team. Are there things about your workplace that you are not satisfied with? Everyone’s individual needs and preferences are different. Maybe it’s too noisy, there’s not enough light, or you have uncomfortable chairs.

Often it is easy to make small concrete changes. For more fundamental aspects such as office space or furniture, it is also helpful to consult internal or external experts.

We have selected a few measures for you to improve your work environment.

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