Why is feedback so important?

Feedback is a central component of continuous learning and improvement.

Mutual feedback makes it easier to do a good job as regular exchanges enable employees to understand how their peers perceive their actions and cooperation. Open feedback creates trust as it provides clear pointers and guidance. This confidence is the basis for effective cooperation and team performance.

Feedback leads to reflection. Giving and receiving feedback leads to reflection on your behaviour and that of others. This reflection is the basis for learning and evolvement.

Feedback helps you discover new opportunities to further your development on a personal level and leads to an investment in one's abilities.

Feedback enables a flexible adaptation to a constantly changing environment. By continuously reflecting on strengths and collective improvement opportunities, the organisation continues to develop, as a whole.

Feedback provides food for thought and leads to new ideas from other perspectives. Therefore, feedback is a basis for innovation. It helps you make decisions with a broader perspective.