Who can see my feedback? (Team Feedback)

Access to the results is given to those who have been invited. At Pulse Feedback, there are two types of feedback: ratings and comments.

Your ratings
For each question, you have to give a rating on a scale of 1-10. Your rating will only be visible to you. The ratings of all the questions flow into a common score:

Screenshot of the Pulse user interface showing the distribution and score of a question

There are scores for each team, department, area, and the entire company. All scores are accessible to every Pulse user in your company.

Good to know: your team members can see in which category your answers belong to if they filter the comments by category. There are three categories: Improve (ratings 1 to 6), Neutral (7 & 8), Keep it up (9 & 10).

Your comments
For each question, you can write comments ("I like that" and "I wish that"). Everyone can read your comments, but only your team members can see they're from you.

Your team members can see your comments with your name and photo:

Screenshot of the Pulse user interface which shows an own comment with visible photo

All the other participants can see your comments in this way:

Screenshot of the Pulse user interface showing an anonymous comment without a photo and without a name

Note: This applies only to people who are members of the team at the time of your participation. Members who are added to the team after your participation will see your comments without your name and photo.

Teams consist of all the participants with the same team name. At the beginning of the survey, you'll see an overview of your teams and their participants.

Superiors aren't part of the employees' team(s) under their supervision if they're assigned to another team. In this example, Anna is part of the sales team and therefore not part of the support team.

Graphic showing the visibility in the team