Employees analysing the survey results

Preparing and conducting the results discussion in your team

Below is a quick overview of how you can structure the results discussion in your team. You can download a more detailed guide and a workshop canvas at the bottom of the page.

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Getting started

Why? Participants are prepared, find it easy to get started with the topic and feel at ease in the group.

  • How do we agree to an open discussion?
  • What are the goals of the meeting?
Employees with results
Employee reflects on her work

Reflecting on the feedback

Why? Participants initially deal with the results individually, then as a team. They share what the results trigger for them and which topics they see in the results.

  • How do we feel about the feedback?
  • What do we want to better understand?

Defining and understanding topics

Why? Thanks to the knowledge gained, you define topics that you'd like to explore further.

  • Which topics do we want to address?
  • What have 
we observed? How does it manifest itself? Why does it happen?
Staff discuss survey results
Employees with Pulse logo

Defining actions

Why? Concrete, action-oriented measures are derived for the identified topics.

  • Why should it change? What should it look like?
  • Which activities should we keep, change, stop and start doing?
  • Who could support us with this? E.g., your manager, HR, people working on the topic in question


Why? Reflect on the workshop: identify possible improvements in the workshop process and collaboration.

  • How did it go?
  • What could we improve next time?
Employee presents measures
Iceberg Canvas

Download workshop guide and canvas

Need further information? In our guide you can find detailed instructions for the results' discussion with numerous tips and tricks.

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With our Iceberg Approach, you have a ready-to-use canvas that helps you on your journey from feedbacks to improvements.

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External moderators

Do you want to focus fully on the content? An external moderator lets you do just that and makes sure that your discussion is a success. Get in touch with the Pulse Team at your company, or contact us directly.

Moderator of Pulse Survey Results