How can I create or edit a group?

Groups can be used to display the results of a group of people in one view. This is useful for project teams or agile teams that are not shown in the organisation chart of the company. You can create individual teams with individual people (e.g. your project team) and whole teams. Members of an individual team will only see each other's feedback with name and photo if they are members of the same organisational team.

Create a group

  1. Make sure you are on the Results screen once you have submitted your feedback (you can simply click on your name in the top right corner and check that the Results page is active in the menu).
  2. Look directly under the Results title for the team that is currently active and click on it.
  3. A window will open showing the currently active teams and all other teams in your organisation. On the right-hand side of this window, find the Create Team button and click on it.
  4. Now you can name the group and select members or teams to be part of the group. When you have finished making your selections, simply click on Add Members.
  5. Check that everyone you would like to include in your group has been added, then click Save and your group will be created.

Note: To create a group, make sure you add at least 3 participants or a team.

Editing a group

  1. Follow the 1st and 2nd steps from "Create a group".
  2. Find the tab labelled My Teams and click on it.
  3. The teams and groups you are allowed to edit are shown with a pencil icon( ✏️) on the side. Simply click on the pencil symbol to edit them.
  4. Now you can edit the name of the group, add members, remove members or even delete the entire group. Once you have made your changes, simply click Save.

Note: You can edit or delete your group at any time. Follow the first step and click the pencil icon next to the group to delete it. Groups can be created and edited by all Pulse Feedback users.

Tip I: If your team has been renamed and you can no longer see the history of your last surveys, you can restore the history by creating a group. To do this, create a group based on the old and new OU names together. Name it clearly. For example, OE-NEU- History. You now have an overview of all past data.

Tip II: You can also combine several teams into one group. This is useful to analyse several teams that are not in the same department. If a team changes its name or assignment (e.g. "Sales > Hotline" becomes "Support > Hotline"), you can still track the results over time by combining the old team (Sales > Hotline) and the new team (Support > Hotline) into one group (e.g. "Hotline History").