Who can see my peer feedback?

There are two types of feedback on Pulse: ratings and comments.

Your ratings
For each question, you must give a rating on a scale of 1-10. Your scores are not visible to anyone but you. The ratings for each question are added to a common score:

Screenshot of the Pulse user interface showing the distribution and score of a question

Good to know: In Peer Feedback, only the feedback seekers (the people who invited you to give them feedback) see the category of your rating when they filter the comments by category. There are three categories: Improve (ratings 1 to 6), Neutral (7 & 8) Keep it up (9 & 10).

Your comments
In Peer Feedback, only those seeking feedback can see your comments. Other respondents will not see your ratings or comments. For each question you can write comments ("I like this" and "I wish this").

Screenshot of the Pulse user interface which shows an own comment with visible photo