How does the survey work?

The participants are invited by e-mail containing a link that takes them directly to the survey. There the procedure is briefly explained and outlines who will see the feedback. Pulse runs on all end-devices and all common browsers. And for any latecomers, a reminder e-mail can be configured.

Other forms of invitation such as intranet communication, WhatsApp group or printed flyers are also frequently used. Thanks to the connection to your company's login system, one link can be used for everyone. Automatically everyone gets to the right place.

Understanding the survey

The survey usually consists of the Pulse question (e.g. "I currently have everything I need to do a good job.") and a few (2-6) further questions, that can be personalized.

Screenshot of the Pulse survey with the score slider

​​All questions are presented in the same format: rating scale from 1-10 and two comment fields.
​​With the rating scale, you can make a first assessment of the current situation. In the comment fields, you can then describe the reasons for your rating.

We provide some tips as well as some guiding questions to make it easier for you to write comments that are as effective as possible, for example.

Screenshot of the Pulse comment fields