How can I set up a survey?

Setting up a survey is very easy with our Admin panel. This is the first step to start the changes in your company!
After setting up your participants list, you are ready to start creating your survey.

Setting up your survey

  1. Click on your name at the top right corner and go to Admin
  2. In the Admin panel, click on Surveys in the left menu
  3. Click on the plus icon ( ➕) located underneath the search bar to create a new survey
  4. The first step to create a survey is adding essential information for it. In this step, please give a name to your survey, a start and end date. You can also define here if this survey is sent to the entire participant list or specific teams only
  5. Now is time to define what questions you wish to be answered by your participants. Clicking on All topics will let you filter the items you want to have on your survey. As with the survey, you can also send questions to one or several selected teams only. You can define this after clicking on Use question
  6. In the next step, you can define the order of the questions. The default is to start with the Pulse question (“I currently have everything I need to do a good job.) and then show all further questions in random order. The Pulse question is shown first so that participants can mention everything that is currently important to them without being influenced by a specific topic
    For all other questions, a random order is usually an excellent choice to avoid position bias (i.e. the order of the questions affecting the answers given). Randomization also ensures that the number and length of comments are roughly the same across questions. However, in certain cases, it might be necessary or useful to present the questions in a particular order. Contact us if you’d like us to give you a hand with survey creation
  7. Your survey is almost ready! In the last step, you can schedule the invitation, reminder and results e-mails that are sent to your participants. And don’t worry, you can always change them at a later time. Please note, however, that every e-mail can be sent only once
    For every e-mail a preview is available. The content of the e-mail can’t be modified, but you have the possibility to send manual e-mails to your participants
    All e-mails contain links that take them directly to the right place (survey, results, etc.) Thanks to this, the survey link is the same for everyone (usually [company] In other words, you don’t need to send personalized survey links to your participants. With one exception: for the very first survey and only if your company has not activated Single Sign-on, SSO) the e-mails contain personalize links enabling users to set their password for the first time. You can also send these personalized links manually
    Thanks to this approach, it is easy to use other forms of communication such as intranet articles and notifications, Slack messages, WhatsApp group or printed flyers and posters.
  8. After clicking on the button Add Survey, your survey is ready and will automatically be available on the first day of your survey. You can use the preview mode to have a last look at your survey

Note: You can edit or delete your survey before it has started. After the start, you can only modify the e-mail settings.