Quickstart guide for Pulse Feedback

With this guide, you can get started and start collecting feedback with Pulse Feedback in just a few minutes.

  1. Set up account
  2. Add participants
  3. Invite participants (Peer Feedback only)
  4. Set up survey (Team Feedback only)

1. Set up account

To create a new account, fill in the fields in the sign-up form. If you already have an account, log in to Pulse Feedback with the link YourCompany.start-pulse.com. We have sent you an e-mail with your account information when you created your account.

Good to know: If you need several languages, you can activate them in the admin section in Settings > Languages.

2. Add participants

Go to the admin section by clicking on your photo or initials on the top right of the screen and selecting Admin.

In the admin section, go to Participants. Here, you can add participants. You can add them manually or by uploading an Excel file containing the participant data.

Adding participants manually

This is the easiest option if you want to add just a few participants at a time. Enter the relevant data in the respective fields and confirm by clicking the button Add participants. You can add several participants at once.

Good to know: If you want to assign participants to teams, you must first create the teams. This can be done in the Teams tab of the admin section. However, if you use the Excel upload, you don’t have to create the teams first.

Adding participants via Excel

This is the best option if you want to add or make changes to a larger number of participants at once. On the Add participants screen, click on Go to Excel import. Follow the steps described in this article.

3. Invite participants (Peer Feedback only)

You can now invite participants to the tool so that they can use Peer Feedback. To do this, go to Admin > Participants and click on Download data > Invitation links. This will download a file with personal invitation links that you can share with your participants.

This is not necessary if you use Single Sign-on (SSO). In this case, you can simply communicate the link YourCompany.start-pulse.com to the participants.

Good to know: If you are launching a team survey right away, you do not need to invite participants manually. The personal links will be sent via the survey invitation email. We will also soon introduce a new feature that will automatically invite participants.

4. Set up survey (Team Feedback only)

You are now all set to start your first survey!

Go to Admin > Team Feedback > Surveys, click on + Create survey and follow the steps. If you want to use your own questions, first add them via Team Feedback > Questions > + Add question.

Once you have activated or scheduled the survey, it's time to relax. The system takes care of the rest.

Good to know: If you deactivate the invitation e-mail, you must invite participants manually to the survey (e.g. via e-mail or MS Teams) by downloading and sharing the invitation links as described above in 3. Invite participants. However, this is not necessary if you are using Single Sign-on (SSO).

That’s all. Happy feedback!