How can I create or edit a custom team?

You can create custom teams with individual employees (e.g. your project team) and entire teams. Members of a custom team only see each other’s feedback with names and photos if they are members of the same organisational team or you enable them in your visibility settings.

Creating a custom team

  1. Be sure you are at the Results screen once submitted your feedback (you can simply click on your name located on the top right corner and check if the Results page is active in the menu.)
  2. Locate just underneath the Results title the current active team showing and click on it
  3. A window will open stating the currently active teams and all the other teams from your organisation. On the right side of this window, please locate the button Create team and click on it
  4. Now you can define a name for the custom team and choose members or teams to be part of it. When you are done choosing simply click on Add members
  5. Check if everyone you wished was added on your team then click on Save and your team will be created.

Note: To create a custom team make sure to add at least 3 participants or one team.

Editing a custom team

  1. Perform the 1st and 2nd steps from "Creating a custom team"
  2. Locate the tab named as My teams and click on it
  3. The teams that you have permission to edit will be shown with a pencil icon ( ✏️) on the side of it. Simply click on the pencil iconto edit the team.
  4. Now you can edit the name of the team, add members, remove members or even delete all the team. After performing the changes simply click on Save

Tip: If your team has been renamed and you can no longer see the history of your last surveys, you can restore the history using a custom team. To do this, create a custom team based on the old and the new team name. Name it clearly. For example, NEWteamname-History. You now have an overview of all past data again.