By Nils Reisen on 28.06.2024 | 1 minute reading time

At Pulse Feedback, we're dedicated to helping organisations grow through feedback. Today, we're excited to introduce a set of new features that will revolutionise – and greatly simplify – how organisations can work with feedback.

AI Insights: A new approach to employee feedback analysis

The AI Insights section is the highlight of our new features. It includes features that provide rich insights into what matters most to your people and greatly simplifies the analysis process. It includes AI-generated comment summaries with useful information on why your strengths matter and how to address your weaknesses, suggesting practical improvements for a more positive and productive work environment. In other words, this feature turns raw data into a roadmap for organisational growth.

Preview of the AI insights function for analysing comments

Feedback Assistant: Now everyone can give feedback like a pro

Giving constructive feedback is important but far from easy. Our new AI-powered Feedback Assistant assists users in refining their comments, ensuring messages are conveyed in a constructive tone, with clear intent, and free from grammatical errors. It's like having your own personal tutor for giving feedback constructively and concisely.

Comment Translation: No more language barriers

Comments are the most valuable part of Pulse Feedback. However, sometimes they are written in a language you don't understand. Luckily, that's not a problem anymore! Our Comment Translation feature seamlessly translates all comments into the reader's language. And if you prefer the original text, that's possible as well.

Übersicht über die Funktion Kommentare übersetzen zur automatischen Übersetzung von Kommentaren

360-degree feedback options: Self-assessment and setting up surveys for others

Responding to popular demand, we've expanded our 360-degree feedback capabilities. Now, feedback seekers can provide a self-assessment to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses before reading the feedback from the survey participants. Additionally, admins can now set up surveys for others, such as conducting 360-degree surveys or assisting leaders and employees in creating their own surveys.

In addition to these features, we’ve made further improvements throughout the application. We’re committed to continuously enhancing Pulse Feedback to meet your needs and simplify your experience. Dive in, explore the new features, and share your thoughts. Your feedback makes us better.

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