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By Nils Reisen on 16.12.2020 | 52 seconds reading time

In 2020, more surveys were run with Pulse than ever before. To make it as easy as possible for you to run surveys, we removed many smaller and larger stumbling stones. We have also increased the flexibility of Pulse so that you can more easily represent your organisational setup (e.g. agile teams, project teams).

Simplified participant management

We have significantly revised and simplified the administration of participants in the admin panel. You can now make almost all changes to participants directly in the tool.

Screenshot der Pulse-Benutzeroberfläche, in der ein Teilnehmer bearbeitet wird

More flexibility in mapping the organisation

Participants can now also belong to multiple teams (e.g. a hierarchical team and a project team/agile team etc.). This allows a better representation of the official as well as the informal organisation.

Visualisation of a hierarchical organisation and a flexible organisation

Individual visibility settings

The comments of the participants are by default displayed with their names to their team members only, to all others in anonymous form. All participants can now also choose to de-anonymise their comments for people outside their own team. This is helpful for particular organisational setups and user-defined teams.

Screenshot of the Pulse user interface where the visibility settings for open feedback are edited.

This feature also further promotes a more transparent feedback culture. Maybe one day everyone is sharing their comments with the whole company?

And more …

We have implemented many other improvements and will continue to add more. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Illustration with a letter in an open envelope

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