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How's the work with the Pulse results going? Could you already implement concrete improvement measures? With our new features this has just become even easier: Now you get the most important results of your team directly by e-mail, you can like comments and – thanks to our new materials –  you can moderate the discussion of results in your team with confidence. Find out more here.

Feedback culture: How do I write valuable comments?

Screenshot of the Pulse comment capture function
Constructive comments are the most valuable form of feedback in Pulse. With our new nudges and tips for filling out the survey, everyone can now write constructive comments easily.

Detail scale: How are the ratings distributed?

Screenshot of the Pulse Score distribution
With the “Show distribution” feature, you can see how often the individual ratings have been selected on the 10 scale. With a click on one of the three categories (Improve, Neutral, Keep it up) you can also filter the comments. This allows you to quickly identify the most urgent challenges and derive areas for action.

Results e-mails: Where do I start with improvement measures?

Screenshot of the personalised Pulse Result emails
In the team-specific result e-mails you will receive the most important results of your team directly into your inbox. This allows you to identify more quickly where your team is already well on its way and where improvement measures should be taken. 

Like function: Has my team member struck a chord with me?

Screenshot of the Pulse Like function
The comments are the heart of the Pulse survey. With the new like function, you can like comments written by other participants. This allows you to emphasize important aspects.

Templates: How do I get the most out of the results discussion?

Screenshot of the Pulse Iceberg Template
Pulse makes it easier to do a good job when you're working with the feedbacks in your team. New tips and materials, such as a detailed guide and a workshop canvas, will help you running an effective results discussion.

And even more ...

  • Improved text analysis: We have improved the algorithm and let it train hard.
  • Simplified admin area: The administration of surveys is now even more intuitive and easier.
  • Participant management: Now you can add participants directly in the tool, adjust user information or correct mistakes.

We have implemented many other small and large improvements and will continuously add more. Stay tuned!

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