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By Nils Reisen on 29.10.2021 | 2 minutes reading time

In 2021, we're proud to announce our biggest milestone: the launch of Peer Feedback, our new product module at Pulse. Peer Feedback helps everyone in your company grow by providing a safe and straightforward setting for valuable 360° feedback. But that’s not all! We've also implemented many other improvements for our existing module, now called Team Feedback.

Peer Feedback

Are you one of those who believes that feedback actually makes us better? Do you often wish to have an honest and transparent feedback from colleagues, to know what you need to improve and what you're doing right? Peer Feedback is here to help you strengthen your competences, and those of your leaders and colleagues, by fostering a culture of open bilateral feedback.

Creating surveys only takes a few minutes, we take care of everything else. Feedback seekers can simply select one of the survey templates and adapt it to their needs. With our new individualised guides, analysing and discussing the results is child’s play.

Get to know Peer Feedback better

Peer Feedback helps everyone at your company grow by providing a safe and straightforward setting for valuable 360° feedback. Take a look!

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Working with the results: Catalogue of improvement measures

At Pulse, we know that feedback is only valuable if the challenges identified are met constructively.

We have compiled a comprehensive set of tools to help teams overcome typical hurdles. These tools serve as a great support to have constructive team discussions, prioritise actions and grow as a team. Try them out now!

Catalogue of improvement measures - team canvas

New dashboard and seamless navigation

We always want to offer you the best experience while using Pulse. That’s why we introduced a main dashboard to improve your overview and navigation. From now on, this is your home and starting point at Pulse, where you can easily and conveniently see all your latest surveys.

Peer feedback dashboard

Improved survey creation

We have simplified the creation of our surveys. This is particularly good news for all Pulse administrators using Team Feedback, but also for all the upcoming users of our new Peer Feedback module. Now, questions can be selected and conveniently moved to the right position by drag & drop in one step. Sounds simple, is simple.

Improved survey creation

Extended question bank for Team Feedback

We've enriched the list of questions at your disposal to create your surveys. Now, it’s even easier to find the right questions on a variety of topics and create a survey in just a few minutes.

Our questions are based on scientific and customer research, so the chances are high that you’ll find what you’re looking for. If not, you can create your own questions as usual. Available from the end of November.

Baukastenprinzip visualisiert

More usability & stability improvements

We are constantly working to make Pulse more versatile and easier to use. Software updates and new materials are instantly available to all our Pulse customers, and we have exciting plans for 2022. Stay tuned!

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