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By Nils Reisen on 04.10.2023 | 1 minute reading time

Pulse Feedback packs a punch compared to traditional survey methods, as it not only invites employees to the survey but also empowers them to actively engage with the results. This way, input for positive change can emerge from every corner of the organisation; and this is how the potential of feedback unfolds.

With our latest updates, ease and clarity enhance every step from sharing feedback to spearheading improvements. Whether it's providing new resources for exploring and discussing results or guiding participants through the entire process, we've got it all tuned up for a smoother, more delightful feedback journey for everyone!

Sit back and enjoy: the new journey through feedback

Pulse Feedback's new features make it easier than ever to get from feedback to improvements, making sure that your 5 cents morph into a jackpot.

A new overview screen and question preview give you a better understanding of the survey and the next steps before you start.

A completely new e-mail journey guides you through the post-survey phase, equipping you with useful information and materials that make it more efficient, more energising and easier to work with the results.

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Exploring and discussing the feedback on autopilot

Dive into our brand new Results Explorer to pinpoint crucial takeaways that will fuel engaging team discussions. Our completely reworked discussion guide makes consolidating the feedback and crafting actionable steps a seamless experience, allowing everyone to focus their energy on the content rather than managing the workshop.

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New e-mail notifications: easier to manage, personalise, and test

We've revamped the e-mail notifications for both participants and admins. While setting up a survey, you can now easily manage all correspondence in the new “Communication” step. To ensure your message hits the mark, you can preview the e-mails directly in the tool or even send a test e-mail to yourself and others.

The steps to bring new users on board have also been simplified. With a simple click, you can send them a welcoming invitation e-mail and add a personal touch as you expand your team. Because, to be completely transparent, anonymity isn't our style.

screenshot pulse feedback about communiations update

More updates are coming soon

These updates as well as many smaller improvements are now active and waiting for you to explore them. We encourage you to dive in, explore these enhancements, and share your valuable insights with us. Your feedback makes us better.

New features that will further simplify how you work with results are currently being tested and will be available next year.

Stay tuned and explore the new features now. If you are not a Pulse Feedback customer yet, sign up for a free trial.

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