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By Nils Reisen on 21.09.2022 | 2 minutes reading time

Our new Peer Feedback module is off to a great start! We’ve made some updates so that you can further adapt it to your needs. We have also introduced an important new feature for this valuable function: everyone in the company can initiate surveys for their team with just a few clicks. Based on customers’ feedback, we significantly improved the results dashboard to simplify the navigation and score comparison. And thanks to our design update, Pulse Feedback also got a little prettier. 💄

Everyone in the company can now launch team surveys

Company-wide surveys are important and useful. However, teams sometimes need feedback for very specific topics and at specific times. With this update, anyone can launch surveys for their team, right from the dashboard. This enables teams to easily run regular pulse checks, project reviews or sprint reviews.

Create professional surveys with templates
To make it easier to build surveys, you can choose from our templates. We’ve recently updated our question bank and it contains plenty of questions to cover all the relevant topics.

Presentation of the templates for team surveys

Motivate participation with personalised invitations
Send a thank-you message or share essential information by adding a personal message to your invitation e-mails.

Presentation of the option for personalising the invitation

Peer surveys are much more flexible

Thanks to valuable feedback from our customers, we continuously add new features that enhance Pulse Feedback.

Manage surveys with flexibility – before and during the survey
Now you can define the survey start and end dates, as well as if and when e-mails should be sent. And if you forgot somebody, you can easily add them to the survey even after it has begun.

Presentation of the setting of the period of the survey

Share your feedback with your colleagues
Per default, only feedback seekers may see the survey results. However, it is possible to add guests to your survey if you decide you want to discuss the results with them. For example, with your manager during your performance dialogue or review.

Display of the option to invite guests

Navigate results and compare scores with ease

Understanding your results is easier when visualised in a broader context. That’s why we’ve made it possible to compare your results to the whole company with just one click.

Compare results over time with the touch of a button
We’ve drastically simplified the comparison feature. Now, simply compare the results of your survey over time with just one click.

Presentation of the time series comparison option

Sort the scores according to different criteria
When you sort the results based on specific criteria, key findings may be easier to spot. There is no single best way, so we added the possibility to sort scores based on criteria that is important to your unique situation.

Display of the drop-down menus for sorting

The next update is just around the corner

We strive to make Pulse Feedback easy and fun to use for everyone, and updates that take the tool in this direction are an ongoing process. More helpful features are already in the pipeline and you can expect to benefit from these enhancements later this year.

The updates described above are live and ready for you – try them out and while you’re inspired to collect and give feedback, feel free to share your thoughts about Pulse with us.

If you are not a Pulse Feedback customer yet, sign up for a free trial.

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