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Feedback makes us better and we have received a lot since we started with Pulse. In the last months we have been very busy using your feedback to make Pulse easier and more powerful. Here is a quick update of the new features.

Analyse thousands of comments in seconds

Screenshot of the Pulse Text Analysis function
Comments are the most valuable form of feedback in Pulse. But analysing thousands of them is not practicable. With our new text analysis feature you can easily find out what people are talking about. Please note that the feature is still in beta.

Compare team scores side by side

Screenshot of the team comparison function
Different teams may be facing more or less challenges while doing their job. You can now easily find out which teams do well and which are facing hurdles. The new comparison feature lets you directly display the scores of several teams side by side.

Track your progress over time

Screenshot of the Score History function
Measure, learn, improve. Find out how effective your improvements were by tracking the results of your team over time.

Use Pulse for agile and project teams

Screenshot of the Custom Team function
More and more companies work with new forms of organisation – yet project teams, squads, tribes or circles are often not adequately reflected in the organisational structure. That’s why we have added a feature that lets you easily create custom teams.

And even more …

  • Export results as PDF: Discussing the results in your team often works best offline. With the new export functionality you can print the results easily.
  • Start on your PC, finish on your mobile: Pulse now saves your input at any time and on every device so that you can start your survey on one device and finish it on another.

We have made many more small and big improvements and will continue to add more in the future. Stay tuned.

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